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A Boulder child custody lawyer plays an important role in the future of children with separated parents. When a parent seeks the help of a Boulder child custody attorney, he or she expects the lawyer to take the case seriously.

Our child custody lawyer in Boulder CO understands that parents have different priorities, while the children have different emotional needs. We will work towards getting the best for you and your child.

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Child custody involves two factors: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody simply means the household where the child will primarily live. On the other hand, legal custody refers to the right of the parents to make major decisions for the well-being of their children.

Our Boulder child custody lawyer will be able to discuss in detail what joint custody entails. Most of the time, courts prefer both parents to have legal custody of the children. However, it is not always beneficial for children.

When parents enter joint legal custody, they will have simultaneous physical and legal custody of their children. It becomes problematic when the parents do not get along or have issues regarding the parenting plan. As a result, it could have a negative impact on the child.

Our Boulder child custody attorney is honest regarding the rights and responsibilities of both parents. We will enumerate the pros and cons of joint child custody. Here are some:


  • The parents will be able to work around what is best for the children
  • Parents will have the chance to raise their child


  • Parents do not get along and sometimes the child is put in the middle acting as their courier of the message.
  • The child is moved from one house to another, hence will often lose important things such as school documents.
  • Changing homes now and then could also make the children feel they do not belong.

Our child custody attorney in Boulder CO has extensive experience when it comes to child custody. We are willing and able to stick around as long as it takes to help you with this battle.

Deciding on what type of custody best fits your family could be difficult. Our Boulder child custody lawyer will help plan for what is suitable for both parents. We will present to you the best options, so you and your ex-spouse could exercise equal rights to your children.

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