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Casualties in car wrecks are not rare, hence, there are Reading car accident attorneys like us who are willing to assist the parties involved. The real tragedy lies in that car accidents can almost always be prevented. 

Our Reading car accident lawyers will check the factors that lead to the wreck. We are going to investigate a variety of potential causes. Was it human error, did something on the car break, was fatigue a factor, was weather a factor, all these will go into trying to figure out who was negligent.

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The legal duty of our car accident attorneys Reading PA is to provide professional advice to our clients as to what their next legal steps should be. Our Reading car accident attorneys will help obtain the following information that could build your case:

  • Specifics of the accident (date, time, and location)
  • The names of other people involved including the drivers, passengers, and bystanders
  • The contact information of the other individual
  • The information of the vehicles entangled in the collision, their registration and plate numbers
  • Photographs or videos of the actual car collision and its aftermath
  • The condition of the roadway during the incident
  • The traffic controls, signage, and signals in place
  • The weather condition during the accident

A car accident can cause devastating consequences to those people involved. Unfortunately, auto collisions happen often, leaving victims with physical and mental trauma, as well as a financial burden.

Our Reading car accident lawyers have been advocating for car accident victims for years. We have assisted injured victims recover damages for the injuries they received, loss of wages, and damage to their personal property.

Car accident lawyers Reading PA serves clients throughout the area. If you have been in an accident and need legal insights, we are the legal practitioners you should be looking for.

For more information on how to proceed with filing a lawsuit, contact our Reading car accident attorneys now. We take auto accident cases seriously and want to help anyone in need of legal representation.

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