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With so many things to think about following an auto accident, it’s important to have reliable Philadelphia car accident attorneys in your corner. As the victim, you need to focus on recovering and picking up life where you left off — you likely don’t have the time or specialized knowledge to handle the legal side of side of your accident.

That’s where our Philadelphia car accident lawyers come into play. Our team is comprised of only qualified, experienced, knowledgeable and reputable legal professionals that specialize in working with car accident victims.

Our car accident attorneys in Philadelphia PA perform the due diligence needed to find success in cases such as these. Most often, the opposition offers a settlement rather than risk a courtroom battle with our fearless litigators.

Part of the process needed for Philadelphia car accident attorneys to build a strong case includes:

  • Gaining access to the police and accident reports
  • Reconstructing the accident when needed
  • Collecting evidence (i.e. photos of the scene)
  • Talking to witnesses
  • Procuring expert witnesses
  • And more

The more extensive your Philadelphia car accident lawyers are, the more chance that you have at success.

Following your accident, it’s ok to talk with the authorities to help them file a report, but do not deal with the insurance company until you have savvy legal help in your corner. The insurance company will try to limit your compensation while attorneys will be able to help you calculate the level of compensation you are truly worthy of.


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