Can You File A Personal Injury Lawsuit Against A Cruise Ship For Contracting Covid-19?

Personal Injury Lawsuit Against A Cruise ShipSince the outbreak of the coronavirus became a cause of public panic in the United States, many cruise lines companies have caught flak for knowingly exposing their passengers to the risk of contracting the virus. If you or your loved one have contracted the virus aboard a cruise ship, you may be wondering what your options are regarding whether you can file a lawsuit against the cruise line company. In this article, you will learn how you can sue a cruise line company and recover compensation. 

Rise In Lawsuits Filed Against Cruise Line Companies In Recent Time 

  • If you got infected with Covid-19 while aboard a cruise ship, and you’re contemplating filing for a personal injury lawsuit, then you are not alone. 

In recent time, there has been a spike in the number of former passengers suing cruise line companies and accusing their management and crew members for exposing them to coronavirus. In fact, it was reported some months back that a decision to continue boarding passengers (despite the government’s warning against the continued operation of cruise lines) led to the death of a passenger. 

  • The most recent case involved a Texan couple, Susan and Michael Dorety who boarded a Princess Cruise Line Ship sometime around late February. Micheal became ill while onboard and eventually died as a result of coronavirus complications while his wife, Susan also contracted the virus. 

The narrative is akin to the experience of another couple from Missouri, Debra and Michael Dalton. The couple are also suing Princess Cruise Lines. The couple alleged that the ship’s crew members knew about the risk of contracting the virus following the news of some passengers that came down from the ship with coronavirus symptoms but they didn’t do enough to protect them from exposure during their trip to Hawaii. 

  • It was reported that passengers were simply asked to fill out a “piece of paper” confirming they were not sick when boarding the ship. 

In each of these cases, the victims alleged that the cruise line were aware of the potential risk of contracting the virus on their ships but went ahead with their business in an utter disregard to the public health guideline. Unfortunately, many people have lost their lives and countless are languishing on sick beds due to callousness and greediness of some self-centered businesses. 

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Who Can You File A Lawsuit Against A Cruise Line Company? 

lawsuit against cruise ship company

  • You may have a legal claim if you could prove that you actually contracted the virus while onboard from what the cruise line did or did not do. You are likely going to have a strong claim if you could prove that the cruise line didn’t take the right step they should have taken to prevent the spread of the virus on their ship especially by refusing to tell people about the potential risk or not mandating the use of masks for their crew members. 

Also, there may be a possibility for a claim if you suffered a little bit and got better 100%. Even if your case didn’t appear to be too serious but if you have been on the ventilator, you are pretty not going to be the same for the rest of your life. Most medical experts agree that ventilators can have lasting side effects on a patient’s mind and body for weeks and even months after. A ventilator portends a significant injury which may legitimize your claim. 

How Easy It Is To Win A Compensation For Cruise Line Coronavirus Related Injuries? 

  • Cruise line injury cases differ a little from the typical personal injury lawsuits and may be subject to federal, state and maritime law. The unprecedented nature of the coronavirus pandemic also adds another layer of complexity to the law. For example, some cruise lines are not under the jurisdiction of the United States. Such companies may be subject to various international maritime laws that might place restrictions on liability and compensation. 

However, this doesn’t mean you cannot proceed with a lawsuit and recover compensation that you deserve. You should speak to an experienced personal injury attorney to guide you on your options to maximize compensation. 

What Potential Cruise Line Lawsuit Compensation Can You Expect? 

  • If you could prove that you contracted coronavirus on a cruise ship and incurred medical cost and lost wages as a result, or you lost a loved one from a cruise ship due to Covid-19 infection, you may be able to recover compensation. The compensation must be deemed sufficient to cover your medical bills and other expenses you incurred due to your illness. 

However, you should expect the cruise line company and their insurer to deflect blames or try to protect themselves from liability. This is why you need an experienced personal injury lawyer to take on the company and prove their negligence led to the injury you suffered. 

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