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Our Seattle bicycle accident attorneys want to do their part to make the Seattle area safer for cyclists. This means providing you with legal resources that you need in the event you are involved in an injurious accident.

The negligence of another motorist often prompts these types of accidents. It’s the job of our Seattle bicycle accident lawyers to prove that negligence in an effort to recover compensation to cover your medical bills, long-term medical care and general pain and suffering.


Riding a bike can be fun — but also dangerous

As longtime Seattle bike accident attorneys, we know that there are inherent risks that come with riding a bicycle. These risks put you in line for potential injury, and they include:

  • Being hard to spot on the road: Bicyclists are hard to spot — which is especially true if other motorists are distracted. As Seattle bicycle accident attorneys, we advise you to wear bright colors in the daytime and reflective gear and lights at night.
  • No room to ride: Many cities are behind the times and still don’t have necessary bike lanes for bicyclists. The same applies for rural areas — bicyclists have little to no room to ride. Our bike accident attorneys in Seattle WA have worked with many clients that were injured as a result of other motorists failing to properly share the road.
  • Many motorists act with disregard for bicyclists: One of the more unfortunate scenarios our Seattle bicycle accident lawyers have encountered is when motorists grow impatient of bicyclists and make dangerous maneuvers that result in an accident. This is unacceptable and our bike accident lawyers in Seattle WA will work to hold them accountable for these actions.

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, talk to our Seattle bicycle accident attorneys. We offer free consultations. Fill out our online form so our team can have a bit of background information on you and your accident.

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