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Ft. Myers bicycle accident attorneys provide legal services for anyone involved in a bicycle accident. Our Ft. Myers bicycle accident lawyers the right kind of expertise to help you during this critical time. We will help reduce your pain and suffering by recovering benefits to cover all your expenses.

A victim of a distracted driver?

There you are taking a morning cycle when you got hit by a distracted driver while crossing the road. You were rushed to the hospital with a shattered pelvis. Your bicycle was broken into pieces and there is no hope of fixing it.

Our Ft. Myers bike accident attorneys know the kind of trauma you are going through. According to statistics, at least eight hundred cyclists get killed in traffic crashes each year. Those who survive either suffer from short-term or long-term injuries. 

By law, cyclists on the road should take the same safety measures as other vehicles. Our bike accident lawyers in Ft. Myers FL encourages safe cycling by giving some important pointers to remember:

  • Always wear your helmet.

 Keep in mind that every bike ride begins with ensuring your body is protected.

  • Reduce the risk of getting into a crash.

Our Ft. Myers bicycle accident attorneys will also tell you that prevention is the name of the game. If you know that the road is busy with lots of people and vehicles and that it will be way too dangerous for you and the other people, simply find another route to take.

Ft. Myers bicycle accident lawyers know many riders like to go fast and your adrenaline racing. However, it is also your duty to ride responsibly. Follow all traffic signals and do not get too close with people or other cars on the road.

The biggest advice our bike accident attorneys in Ft. Myers FL can tell you is to be focused and alert. As a bicycle rider, you are more likely to have severe injuries in case of an accident. Ride slow as necessary, go in the right direction as traffic, do not text and ride, and be mindful of road hazards.

Our Ft. Myers bicycle accident attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients. We are also dedicated to promoting a safe bike ride. Call us now to discuss your situation.

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