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Accidents involving vehicles and bicycles are never good because they can lead to serious injuries, and if you or your loved one has been involved in one, it is best to call our Erie bicycle accident attorneys as soon as possible. Our Erie bicycle accident lawyers can get into the bottom of things to determine who was at fault, whether it is the other driver, the cyclist, or other factors that contributed to the crash. Once we have gathered all the information available, we will be able to come up with a plan of action that will help you get compensated for the injuries you’ve received from the bicycle accident.

Proving Your Right to be Compensated

Our Erie bicycle accident lawyers know that your right to a claim for compensation will be contested by the other party. Thanks to our years of experience and expertise on the matter, our Erie bike accident attorneys will fight for your rights especially when the other party is not accepting his or her fault on the matter when the evidence says otherwise. Our Erie bicycle accident attorneys know that bicycle accidents often present challenging legal and medical issues including negligence, injuries, insurance, and even age of the victims. If the other party has been negligent, you can expect that their attorney will claim that you are partially to be blamed for the accident as well. If this is the case, our bike accident lawyers in Erie PA will be right by your side and protecting your rights throughout this ordeal.

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Regardless of whether you or your loved one got involved in a bicycle accident, you will need to get legal assistance from our Erie bicycle accident attorneys as soon as possible. Having someone fight for your rights can help you focus your energy on getting better from the injuries you’ve sustained. And because we are experts in this field, we will make sure that you and your case will be well represented.

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