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provo alimony attorneyAlimony, or spousal support, is the payment given to one spouse by another after a divorce, and if you are in the divorce process, our Provo alimony attorneys can help handle this part of the proceedings. The idea behind paying alimony is that the parties worked as a single unit while they were married and may have earned marketable abilities or attributes during that time. When divorced, those abilities and attributes need to be divided evenly hence the need to pay alimony. Our Provo alimony lawyers will represent your rights to ensure that the division will be fair and equal.

Who Decides on Alimony?

Alimony can be settled between the two parties with the help of our Provo alimony lawyers and a settlement agreement. On the other hand, if there is no agreement to be had, a judge or commissioner will handle the case for them. The court will attempt to equalize the standard of living of both parties where one spouse will have to pay the other every month to have equal finances. The alimony doesn’t have to go beyond the length of the marriage. If you have any questions regarding alimony payments, our Provo alimony attorneys are more than happy to discuss it with you.

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Expert Provo Alimony Attorneys 

It is understandable that discussing alimony with your spouse can cause a lot of stress on your part, which is why our alimony lawyers in Provo UT are willing to help you out. What we can do is to guide you through this phase of your divorce to ensure that your assets are evenly distributed, and that any spouse who will be paid alimony will be taken care of adequately.

Divorce proceedings can be difficult, especially when alimony is in question. Our Provo alimony attorneys offer their years of experience and expertise on the matter so that your rights in the marriage will not be forgotten especially when you are the one who will be receiving spousal support.

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