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largo alimony attorneysDuring a divorce alimony is often a key topic of discussion. The alimony amount will vary depending on various factors. Largo alimony attorneys always have the best interests of our clients at heart when representing them. Our representation aims to ensure you do not pay too much or get undercut when looking to receive alimony. So, talk to us for more advice on alimony so get you can get the best deal possible.

How Alimony is Calculated

The amount you pay or receive as alimony is not arbitrary. There are several things your Largo alimony lawyers and the judge will have to consider first. The most common factor is the duration of the marriage. For a marriage of over 20 years, sometimes the alimony could end up being permanent.

The alimony attorneys in Largo FL also look at the income of the party that must pay the alimony. You cannot expect a large amount in maintenance if the other party cannot afford to pay the amount due to their income.

The court will consider the assets of each spouse during their marriage. It is just like a divorce where the one with more assets often has to support the one with less.

The age and health are also crucial to determine how the alimony will be calculated. All these factors will also determine which type of alimony the judge can allow.

What Kind of Alimony Can You Get?

Largo alimony attorneys are informative and can tell you more about alimony types. Once the judge goes through the documents provided by your alimony lawyers in Largo FL, a ruling can be delivered. Depending on the various factors mentioned above, the following are some of the alimony types you can expect;

  • Rehabilitative alimony
  • Lump-sum alimony
  • Permanent alimony
  • Durational alimony

Talk to our Largo alimony lawyers today to learn what to expect with each type of alimony.

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With many positive reviews about our service, you can trust our Largo alimony attorneys to represent you better than trying to negotiate it alone. In most cases, you will find a more favorable outcome with legal representation. To learn more about alimony, call us for a free meeting.

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