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boulder alimony attorneyOur Boulder alimony attorneys can either negotiate or litigate alimony. We are well-versed in nuances regarding spousal support, and our experience handling diverse family cases will allow us to approach your case confidently.

Boulder alimony lawyers can work on both sides of the fence. We can represent either the ex-spouse who is being forced to pay or the spouse not getting the right amount of alimony. Our alimony attorneys in Boulder CO maintain a high level of services to our clients.

What records should you keep?

If you are the person paying the alimony, you need to track all the payments you make. Once your ex-spouse gains financial independence, you can stop paying for alimony. 

Spousal support may be temporary. In general, it is also only given to a former spouse who could not survive without financial help from the other spouse who can afford to provide it. Our Boulder alimony attorneys will discuss this with you in detail.

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For the spouse receiving the support, it is also important that you make a list of each payment. Crucial information you should list includes the amount you receive, date of payment, name of the bank, and check number. 

There are cases where the former spouse refuses to make the payment. Boulder alimony lawyers will help you take legal actions. Some courts may even order the reluctant payor some jail time if he or she still does not want to pay.

How can Boulder alimony attorneys help?

Alimony lawyers in Boulder CO will also over-emphasize that without proper documentation, the payor or the receiver may lose a claim and benefits. 

Our Boulder alimony attorneys will get you the settlement you deserve, whether you are the one paying or receiving the payment. Sometimes spousal support becomes an issue. With compassion and knowledge, we will bring clarity to you. Contact us today.

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