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Experience the joy and prepare for the responsibility that comes with adding a new member to your family by working through a trusted Seattle adoption attorney. Our team of legal professionals provides you with the needed advisement to facilitate all types of adoptions — from foreign and private adoptions to adopting a member of your own family.

With a Seattle adoption lawyer, you can effectively navigate the legal red tape associated with all types of adoptions. This is simply not a process you should take on by yourself. A mistake during these legal proceedings can lead to serious consequences.


A trusted adoption attorney in Seattle WA

Our staff has decades of combined experience when it comes to the attorneys on our team. We put this knowledge and experience to work for you so that you can seamlessly add to your family through adoption.

As your adoption lawyer in Seattle WA, we vow to be accessible and helpful when it comes to addressing your questions or concerns. We are concise in our efforts and our proactive approach to your case allows us to address problems before they have a chance to profoundly affect the adoption process.


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Our Seattle adoption attorney staff wants to know about your adoption aspirations. We can provide you one-on-one contact with a trusted Seattle adoption lawyer that can address your questions and concerns and provide needed guidance on how to move forward.

We invite you to get to know our Seattle adoption attorney staff and find out what we can bring to your adoption. Our staff is dedicated to the clients that we work with and our top priority is to achieve your goals. Start by filling out our online form to provide us with some background information about yourself. From there, we will reach out to discuss your situation further.

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