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Our Reading adoption attorney believes that anyone who wants to adopt a child deserves access to the best legal counsel. We have handled adoption cases and successfully united parents and their kids.

Going through adoption can be a complicated and arduous process that requires the exceptional skills of a Reading adoption lawyer. With diligence and understanding of the local law, we can ensure you will receive the best legal services.

What does it take to adopt a child?

According to Pennsylvania adoption law, any child can be adopted by a married or unmarried adult. Any child that is above twelve years old needs to give their consent. Our adoption attorney in Reading PA can discuss this in more detail.

Generally, the biological parents of the child must give their consent. But there are many instances where the children are removed from the custody of their birth parents and become available for adoption even without their permission. 

You need a seasoned Reading adoption attorney to explain the legal process and the requirements to become the permanent parent of the child. Anyone hoping to adopt a kid in Reading Pennsylvania should know the following:

  • Hire a Reading adoption lawyer to review your case is crucial.
  • Most adoption requests come from people between 22 and 50 years old however, people older than 50 also qualify.
  • Both single and married people can adopt.
  • You will have to undergo background checks.
  • Anyone wishing to adopt should have a non-violent record.
  • You must be physically able to care for the child.
  • Your finances must be in order.

These are just a few of the requirements you must pass to qualify for the adoption process. An adoption lawyer in Reading PA will be able to help you in organizing documents, following up with appropriate departments, and complete other legal tasks.

To speak with our Reading adoption attorney today, please contact our office. We can answer any questions you have and provide initial insight.

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