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Did you know that your Seattle wills and estate lawyers can help you avoid common estate-planning mistakes that could cause your loved ones additional stress after your death?

Instead of using a do-it-yourself option, choose the trusted services of our Seattle wills and estate attorneys. Your family’s future should not be left up to chance. Consulting a Seattle estate attorney ensures that beneficiaries will not have to suffer through needless courtroom proceedings and processes that tie up your assets in the legal system.
Mistakes that your Seattle wills and estate lawyers can help you avoid

The consequences of improperly arranged estate documents can be devastating for your family. That is why you should periodically review your estate documentation with Seattle wills and estate attorneys. These wills and estate lawyers in Seattle WA can also help you avoid mistakes associated with:

  • Distribution of jointly held property
  • Life insurance that hasn’t been properly arranged
  • Failing to designate beneficiaries
  • Estate taxes
  • Choosing an executor
  • Unenforceable provisions in your will

Our experienced and knowledgeable wills and estate attorneys in Seattle WA can help you review your documentation after major life events such as marriages, divorces, moving to a new state, the birth of a child or a significant change in income or wealth. These periodic visits to your estate attorneys in Seattle WA ensure that your documentation is up-to-date and complies with your personal wishes.


We can provide you with insights to your estate planning needs

Without the help of Seattle wills and estate lawyers, you are taking a major risk with your personal assets and holdings. Let us provide you with the assistance and peace of mind that you need in a comprehensive estate plan. Contact our experts today to learn more about your options. We are standing by to assist you via a free, no-obligation consultation.

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