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Did you know that your Fort Worth wills and estate lawyers can help you with the distribution of your digital assets as well as your financial holdings? In our tech-centric era, more and more digital assets are requiring protection and care throughout a person’s life — and that is no different in death.

Our team of Fort Worth wills and estate attorneys can help you devise a plan to manage your digital assets after your death, giving you the peace of mind you need to know that your information is in safe hands. Trusting a Fort Worth estate attorney with this approach gives you the best chances of having your digital assets distributed according to your wishes.

How Fort Worth wills and estate lawyers manage your digital assets

What happens to your e-mail, social media, and digital accounts (like frequent flier miles) when you die? The answer is somewhat vague — frankly, it depends upon the state in which you reside. Our Fort Worth wills and estate attorneys know that your digital assets are every bit as valuable as your financial assets, which is why we are prepared to help you with estate plans for all of your holdings.

Our wills and estate lawyers in Fort Worth TX are experts in every element of estate law, even the newer regulations governing electronic devices. Our wills and estate attorneys in Fort Worth TX know, for instance, that user agreements and corporate policies can get in the way of asset distribution unless a specific plan is developed. These estate attorneys in Fort Worth TX can help clients sort through the amalgamation of requirements, allowing the digital assets to be distributed according to specific wishes.

When it is time to update or create your estate plan, trust our expert Fort Worth wills and estate lawyers to get the job done right — including managing your digital assets. There is no time like the present to plan for the future. Contact us and get started with a free consultation.

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