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Have you thought about using Charlotte wills and estate lawyers to make provisions for your pets after your death? How about your many other assets?

You may be surprised to learn that Charlotte wills and estate attorneys can provide a variety of financial tools to plan for your furry friends’ futures! Instead of leaving it to chance, consider consulting a Charlotte estate attorney to include your pet in your estate plan.

How Charlotte wills and estate lawyers can help with pet planning

Responsible pet owners know that they have to continue to provide food, shelter and medical care for their animals. This responsibility does not end when the owner becomes incapacitated or dies.

A team of Charlotte wills and estate attorneys can help you develop a strong plan to provide for your pet after your death. These wills and estate lawyers in Charlotte NC will offer strategy for:

  • Identifying responsible friends and relatives to serve as emergency or permanent caregivers
  • Creating written plans to cement caregiving responsibilities
  • Integrating your personal representative or executor into the process

Wills and estate attorneys in Charlotte NC offer formal documentation to authorize the release of funds for temporary and permanent caregiving. Your estate attorneys in Charlotte NC can make sure that your executor is empowered to make the right choices for the safety and welfare of your pet. Ensuring that these requests are formally documented gives you the peace of mind to know that your pet will be cared for if you are incapacitated or die.

This is just one small facet of overall estate planning

You may be surprised at the diverse array of issues that you can tackle with your Charlotte wills and estate lawyers! You deserve to have the final say in the disposition of your property and assets — including your pets — after your death. Do not be caught unaware and leave your pet without a certain future in the event of your death. Contact us today to get a plan started.

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