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Studies show that when large trucks are involved in an accident with a car one out of eight accidents will have fatalities.  If you find yourself involved in a trucking accident while you are in Scranton, getting the assistance of our Scranton trucking accident attorney is the best course to take. Trucks like tractor trailers, big rigs, as well as other commercial trucks can cause serious damage in a vehicular accident, with damages as well as injuries much worse compared to smaller vehicles. That said, without any knowledge of the legal system in Scranton, you might be left with minimal compensation. Therefore, it is important that you reach out to our Scranton trucking accident lawyer for professional assistance.

Kinds of Truck Accidents

Rollover accidents are one of the most common kinds of truck accidents that can involve multiple vehicles. It may be due to an overfatigued driver, aggressive driving, making sharp turns, or stepping on the breaks on a wet or icy road. Unfortunately, in this scenario, severe cases can lead to death which will require an experienced Scranton trucking accident attorney to handle your case.

Our Scranton trucking accident lawyer can also assist you in jackknife accidents involving trucks. This type of accident is triggered by speeding, mechanical failure, improper loading of cargo, and the like. In case a truck jackknifed and hit your vehicle, our trucking accident attorney Scranton PA will be on the scene immediately to get all the details to be used later.

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Getting involved in a trucking accident is scary, as it can result in severe injuries, even death. If you are not familiar with the laws governing trucking accidents, hiring our trucking accident lawyer Scranton PA will give you the assurance that your rights will be protected.

Our Scranton trucking accident attorney will lend you their expertise in this field to ensure that you will get the appropriate compensation based on the severity of your injuries without any hassle on your part.

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