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Just the thought of getting into a trucking accident can be scary and getting your settlement from the insurers will be complicated. It is why a Lakeland trucking accident attorney is essential to navigate this complicated process and get you the best settlement.

Not any lawyer will do. Get a Lakeland trucking accident lawyer. It is important to hire a lawyer with experience in the trucking sector. We are ready to provide you with a professional trucking accident attorney.

Can I Seek Compensation

A Lakeland trucking accident lawyer will look at the details of your case before advising you on what to do next. Under Florida law, you can seek settlement for the injuries and possible property damage if you show a negligent party caused the accident. So, what is considered negligent enough to make it a must to hire a trucking accident attorney Lakeland FL? These are some of the reasons that could qualify for negligence:

  • Reckless driving
  • DUI and DWI
  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Disregarding traffic signals and laws

Who Is Liable in a Trucking Accident?

Remember when we said that trucking accidents can be complicated, well, not only can the driver be held liable for the accident, but also the trucking company. It is why you need a Lakeland trucking accident attorney who knows when to include the trucking company in the case.

A trucking accident lawyer Lakeland FL will sue the company if they force the driver to drive beyond the allowed limits causing their drivers to be fatigued. Also, if the driver is forced to haul larger than the allowed legal loads causing the accident. Failure to maintain the trucks can also be grounds for a lawsuit against the trucking company.

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Some of you might be afraid to start the process because of legal fees. The good thing about our services is that our Lakeland trucking accident attorney will offer a free case evaluation and advise accordingly. The evaluation aims to determine the merits of the case and how best to proceed.

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