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Being involved in a crash with a commercial vehicle means that you need the help of an Indianapolis trucking accident attorney. You must protect your rights in civil court by seeking legal assistance; this holds the trucking company accountable and forces the insurance to pay out claims as promised.

Your Indianapolis trucking accident lawyer plays a key role in getting you the financial compensation you need to get back on your feet. We take the worry out of your commercial truck accident lawsuit; no other trucking accident attorney in Indianapolis IN will be as dedicated or committed to your case.

Why it makes sense to hire a specialized Indianapolis trucking accident attorney

Trucking accidents tend to lead to more severe injuries when compared to crashes between passenger vehicles. This is because commercial trucks tend to weigh much more than the average privately owned car — sometimes the accidents involve up to 25 times more force. Thus, victims are more likely to suffer serious injuries that lead to long-term conditions, which necessitates the use of an Indianapolis trucking accident lawyer.

Our team of legal experts can help you determine the proper parties from whom you can seek compensation. For instance, you may be able to sue the trucking company in addition to the individual truck driver, depending on the nature of the collision. An Indianapolis trucking accident lawyer may also be able to help you if you were partially at fault for the accident; you could still be eligible for compensation.

Consult with a trucking accident lawyer in Indianapolis IN

Of course, the insurance companies will not divulge this type of information on their own; if you choose to go at it alone you could end up with an unsatisfactory settlement that doesn’t truly address your needs. Let our Indianapolis trucking accident attorney assist you with your legal claims and get you back on your feet as soon as possible!

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