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Since accidents that involve trucks or large commercial vehicles can cause more damage and injury than the typical auto accident, having a Chicago trucking accident attorney to help sort through the right to compensation is vital.

Due to their large size — sometimes greater than 80,000 pounds — semi-trucks pose heightened danger to drivers of smaller vehicles. With trucks all over roads throughout the country, the need for a Chicago trucking accident lawyer is always present.

Just because semi-trucks are big doesn’t mean that they’re always at fault. It is the job of your trucking accident attorney in Chicago IL to identify the negligent party, whether that be the driver, the company they are working for, an equipment manufacturer or something else.

What can cause a truck accident?

While the most common reason behind accidents involving trucks is driver error, there is also:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Outside conditions like poor highway design or other negligent drivers
  • Defective equipment (i.e. malfunctioning brakes, etc.)

It would be the job of your trucking accident lawyer in Chicago IL to determine if you should go after the driver himself or the trucking company. Regardless, you should hire a Chicago trucking accident attorney before speaking with anybody, other than the authorities. That way, you can’t be pressured to settle when it’s not in your best interests.

What about insurance?

Since trucks are so large, and the likelihood of them causing an accident is elevated, trucking companies are required to carry a higher level of insurance than a passenger vehicle. Still, without the service of a Chicago trucking accident lawyer, the company’s insurance may try and pay you a lesser settlement or, worse, make your insurance cover it, causing your premiums to rise.

While your safety and recovery is the utmost concern anytime you have an accident, you also need to hire a Chicago trucking accident attorney as soon as possible. To work with a competent, qualified attorney, submit your information online and one of our knowledgeable professionals will contact you as soon as possible.

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