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It’s not uncommon for disagreements to crop up between landlords and their tenants — and if you find yourself in this situation, contact our team and work with dedicated Austin tenant attorneys.

Our team has worked with men and women that have found themselves in a similar position as you. Our Austin landlord attorneys can help you address legal issues you have encountered as either a tenant or a landlord.

Protecting the rights of landlords and their tenants

The Austin tenant lawyers in our network have experience working through a wide range of disputes that can crop up amid the landlord/tenant relationship. You can consult with our Austin landlord lawyers about some of the following.

  • Breaches in a lease agreement: A lease agreement is in place for a reason — it very specifically dictates how the landlord/tenant relationship is to be maintained. Our landlord and tenant attorneys in Austin TX can work through instances where one side does not live up to their obligations per the agreement.
  • Evictions: Landlords must follow a legal procedure to evict tenants — they can’t simply take matters into their own hands. Our Austin tenant attorneys will make sure that you are not hastily evicted from your residence or treated unfairly throughout this process.
  • Damage claims: Our Austin landlord attorneys are also experienced in working with landlords who want to be compensated for damage levied to their home or apartment by the tenant.
  • Security deposit issues: Finally, we have tenant and landlord attorneys in Austin TX that can smooth over issues pertaining to a security deposit. This can be a very typical source of hardship within the tenant/landlord relationships.

Renting a home, apartment or other residence can be a cost-effective way to live. However, it doesn’t come without its potential for legal conflict. When you find yourself in this situation, consult with our Austin tenant attorneys.

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