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Although many tenant/landlord disputes are minor and can be resolved by negotiation, some issues escalate and require the use of San Francisco tenant attorneys. For those instances, our San Francisco landlord attorneys are at-the-ready, prepared to help you fight for your legal rights in court.

Our team of San Francisco tenant lawyers can help you understand your rights when it comes to eviction, housing discrimination and a variety of other tenant-related concerns.


How our San Francisco tenant attorneys can help during your eviction proceedings

Hiring one of our San Francisco landlord attorneys can increase your likelihood of being allowed to stay in your home when eviction threats loom. Landlords must follow strict requirements before they are allowed to evict their tenants — and San Francisco landlord lawyers can determine whether the proceeding complies with those rules. Furthermore, landlord attorneys in San Francisco CA can identify creative solutions for your housing concerns, identifying issues such as retaliatory eviction (which is illegal for a landlord).

In some instances, landlords decide that they are going to take matters into their own hands and forcibly evict their tenants without taking the proper legal steps. Tenant attorneys in San Francisco CA can help tenants whose landlords have:

  • Shut off their utilities without their consent
  • Locking doors or windows to prevent access
  • Removed doors or windows
  • Removed your possessions from the premises
  • Or otherwise threatened your ability to remain in the home

San Francisco tenant attorneys know that landlords never have the right to “self-help” activities such as these, no matter how compelling their case may be against a renter. If you think your landlord may be breaking the law by attempting to illegally evict you, it is time to call our team of skilled attorneys. We are standing by to provide you with the best information and representation, improving your likelihood of getting to stay in your home.

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