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Our Clearwater tenant attorneys are committed to providing you with prompt legal services. We will pay close attention to your case from beginning to end. Above all, we will listen to your concerns and point you in the right direction.

Disputes between a landlord and the tenants could have a myriad of reasons. No matter which side you are, it is highly recommended to consult with legal experts to discuss your legal needs.

Tenant versus the landlord

Unfortunately, the landlord and tenant relationships do not always go smoothly. That is why there are Clearwater Landlord Attorneys or Clearwater tenant lawyers that can come in between disputes.

Often, landlord and tenant disputes arise when one or both parties do the following:

  • Breach of the lease agreement

Both parties should read the lease agreement carefully to know their rights and responsibilities. Who is responsible for keeping the place safe and secure? Who will take care of remodeling and repair? Who will handle bad wiring and plumbing? Who is responsible for getting rid of pests, insects, and the like?

  • Fail to perform responsibilities

Clearwater Landlord lawyers will tell you that generally, landlords have the responsibility for repairs to the rental property. This means that the landlord must keep the place in a habitable condition. However, these terms should be clearly stipulated in the lease agreement.

As a tenant, you can be served with an eviction notice for chronic late payments. You can hire Clearwater tenant attorneys to review your case and file a lawsuit against your landlord to contest the eviction.

There are other conflicts that happen between landlords and tenants. Landlord attorneys in Clearwater FL will be able to assess the situation and navigate through it.

Our team of legal experts can represent both the landlord and tenants. Our Clearwater Landlord Attorneys can take the hassle out of your hand. We can handle the eviction process and serve non-renewal notices. If the eviction becomes contested, we can represent you in court.

In addition, our team of tenant attorneys in Clearwater FL can assist tenants who want to file a lawsuit against their landlords. 

Call our Clearwater tenant attorneys today and we will be happy to set up an appointment that is most convenient for you. We will discuss your legal needs and how our firm can work with you.

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Find Landlord/Tenant Problem Attonery Now