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Working on a construction site can be a high-stakes job, and when those risks turn into an injurious accident, call in a San Antonio construction accident lawyer that can help sort through the legal matters.

We have a San Antonio construction accident attorney team that specializes in working with men and women of this industry. That’s because construction sites are fraught with risks to personal safety. They can include:

  • Working from heights
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Presence of heavy machines and equipment
  • Dangerous tools and equipment
  • Threats of tripping, falling or potential head injuries
  • And more

The party overseeing and managing the construction site has a duty to ensure the safety of their workers and your construction accident lawyer in San Antonio TX will hold them to that obligation.

This means putting safeguards on equipment, providing adequate breaks, issuing proper training, requiring safety equipment and more. If the employer fails to live up to this obligation, it is considered negligence and your San Antonio construction accident lawyer can prove that negligence in court.


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Our San Antonio construction accident attorney team is dedicated to getting you the compensation that you need. This can cover everything from short- and long-term medical care to loss of wages suffered during time away from the job.

We make it easy to consult with a construction accident attorney in San Antonio TX. Start by filling out our online form. All we ask is some basic personal information in addition to a few details about your situation.

From there, you can consult with a San Antonio construction accident lawyer that will help you learn about your rights and how might be the best way to proceed. This is valuable information that could prove pivotal to your recovery.

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