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Chicago property liability attorneys handle cases that involve negligence on the part of landowners. This can be from injuries sustained during a fall down a flight of steps or due to an animal attack.

Regardless of the reason, or which side of the guilty line you fall on, having experienced Chicago property liability lawyers will help you through the legal struggles.

What determines if a landowner is held liable?

Property owners are held to the unspoken rule that anything that occurs on your property is your responsibility. This means that a responsible landowner will:

  • Perform necessary repairs on all structures
  • Perform needed lawn maintenance
  • Police any and all activity that occurs on their property
  • Hold the needed homeowner’s insurance

Because all of the above is the responsibility of the property owner, property liability attorneys in Chicago IL have the experience to determine which laws were broken and what the legal compensation should cover.

Who falls under the landowner’s care?

There are several legal classifications used by property liability lawyers in Chicago IL to describe who is under the assumed care of the property owners.

  • Invitee: A person or persons that are invited to conduct business, such as a department store assumes care of its shoppers. Chicago property liability lawyers tend to give cases involving invitees more time since they usually include big retailers.
  • Licensee: anyone who is present at a property for non-commercial purposes, such as social visits.
  • Trespasser: As the name describes, someone who is not supposed to be on the property. Though these are deemed to have the lowest level of responsibility by the homeowner, Chicago property liability attorneys may deem the owner negligent for injuries sustained by man-made obstacles, such as an unmarked electric fence.

If you find yourself victim to negligence on behalf of a property owner, seek out the work of trusted Chicago property liability attorneys. We can help. Tell us about your case and a reputable attorney will contact you for a free consultation.

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