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If you have been injured on public or private property, and believe that the incident could have been avoided, then consult with our Austin property liability attorneys. They can take a look at your case and help determine whether or not the negligent decisions of a property owner contributed to your accident and subsequent injuries.

You have a right to be safe on someone else’s property

Whether you are on public property or have been invited on to private property, you should never be put in harm’s way. Property owners are legally obligated to maintain a hazard-free property to ensure your safety.

As experienced Austin property liability lawyers, we have witnessed all too often dangerous properties leading to serious injuries. From slip-and-fall accidents at a mall to serious injuries swimming in a private pool, our property liability attorneys in Austin TX work hard for our clients to recover the compensation that they are owed as a result of their injuries.

Don’t let property owners cut corners

Our Austin property liability attorneys will not let property owners or managers get away with cutting corners in terms of safety — especially when it leads to injuries. Property owners can address dangerous hazards very simply. These efforts can include:

  • Making sure floors are clean and dry
  • Repairing cracked sidewalks, driveways and more
  • Installing guard rails on all elevated walkways or stairs
  • Posting signage to alert to hazards (i.e. “Slippery When Wet”)
  • Implementing adequate security and fire features
  • Installing sufficient lighting

These are easy ways to ensure the safety of guests, but all too often, property owners and managers ignore them. Our Austin property liability lawyers will dig into your accident to determine if it could have been avoided.

Bring your case to our property liability lawyers in Austin TX

Tell us about your incident. Our Austin property liability attorneys can provide you with a free consultation and shed insight on your legal options.

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