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Not many people like to think about the prospect of divorce right before they get married, but working with a San Antonio prenuptial agreements attorney can provide a variety of benefits for a marrying couple.

A prenuptial agreement is essentially a blueprint that lays out how a divorce will proceed if your marriage ends in one. A San Antonio prenuptial agreements lawyer can help you establish a fair agreement and make sure that it is written and submitted in a way that makes it legally binding.


The benefits of a prenuptial agreement

While opponents might mistakenly consider prenuptial agreements to be “unromantic,” it’s actually a very effective tool for marrying couples.

  • Plan for divorce: No one really plans on getting divorce, but if it happens, wouldn’t you like to be prepared? It’s similar to getting home insurance — you don’t want a disaster to strike your home but will be prepared if one does.
  • Protect certain assets: Working with a prenuptial agreements attorney in San Antonio TX is important if you bring significant wealth into a marriage or you own a business. These assets can be ripped apart in the event of a divorce but a prenuptial agreement will protect them.
  • Peace of mind: As an experienced San Antonio prenuptial agreements attorney, we have seen how this tool provides a peace of mind for marrying couples. When you know that your assets aren’t at risk in the event of a divorce, you can focus on growing a marriage and not having to worry about materials things.

A prenuptial agreement should be a mutual effort. A San Antonio prenuptial agreements lawyer can help draft an agreement that both husband and wife agree on.


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