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With the advisement of a Columbus prenuptial agreements attorney, you can be adequately prepared in the event your marriage is cut short due to divorce.

What many people fail to realize that, at the very core of it, marriage is simply a legal contract between two spouses. A prenuptial agreement adds to that contract and specifies how certain assets or property are dealt with in the event of a divorce.

Does a prenuptial agreement put my marriage on track to fail?

As a longtime Columbus prenuptial agreements lawyer, we have worked with a number of couples that think planning for a divorce will, in turn, make a divorce more likely. This is not the case.

As your prenuptial agreements attorney in Columbus OH, we will work to add stability to your marriage. Occasionally, worry over wealth and assets can cause problems in a marriage. With a prenup in place, you are able to erase those worries.

A Columbus prenuptial agreements attorney to ensure your prenup is legally binding

It’s important to work with a Columbus prenuptial agreements lawyer to ensure that the prenup is enforceable under the law. Trying to draft a prenup on your own can put you at risk of making a costly mistake and rendering your agreement worthless.

As your prenuptial agreements lawyer in Columbus OH, we will explain to you the finer points of the laws that regulate prenups — like the fact that one party cannot be coerced into signing and that it cannot contain bizarre and unrealistic terms.

We will make sure the necessary paperwork is completed and filed appropriately so that your prenup is in place before you get married.

Team up with a leading Columbus prenuptial agreements attorney — contact our team and request a free consultation. Protect yourself the right way heading into marriage.

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