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It doesn’t really matter how solid you believe your upcoming marriage will be — working with a Charlotte prenuptial agreements attorney to get one of these contracts in place can still be a worthwhile venture.

Some people subscribe to the flawed notion that prenups are only for relationships that are destined to fail. They think, somehow, working with our Charlotte prenuptial agreements lawyer will doom their marriage.

This is false. The truth is that almost half of all marriages end in a divorce — many of these divorces can blindside one of the spouses. With our prenuptial agreements attorney in Charlotte NC, you can have an agreement in place that speeds up a divorce and cuts down on the contention and fighting.

What a prenup can do for you

As any prenuptial agreements lawyer in Charlotte NC would explain, a prenuptial agreement is essentially a blueprint for divorce. Not only does it clarify how certain assets and property will be divided, but it can also protect wealth that you brought into the marriage.

With the help of a Charlotte prenuptial agreements attorney, you can craft a prenup that is mutually agreed upon by both spouses. This is important because one spouse cannot be coerced into signing the agreement, otherwise it will be deemed unenforceable.

Your Charlotte prenuptial agreements lawyer will take all the necessary steps to make this document legally binding. When you try to do this yourself — perhaps following an online tutorial — you run the risk of committing costly errors that will render your prenup worthless.

Protect your wealth and legacy with our prenuptial agreements lawyer in Charlotte NC

By protecting assets that you brought into a marriage, it can allow both spouses to forget about the material things and focus on building a strong marriage. Prenups have been proven to serve as a useful marriage tool and our Charlotte prenuptial agreements attorney can talk to you more about them. Contact us for a free consultation.

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