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There are many hazards on a construction site, and a Philadelphia construction accident lawyer can make sure you get compensation if another party’s negligence leads to your injurious accident.

Safety on a construction work site is paramount. Workers are surrounded by heavy machinery and other hazards — employers have a duty to make sure these employees stay safe while they are working. Unfortunately, many of them do not and it results in an accident. That’s where our Philadelphia construction accident attorney staff comes in.

Get compensation for your injuries

The right construction accident lawyer in Philadelphia PA will be able to identify negligent parties that contributed to an accident and then establish an appropriate amount of compensation to help with the client’s immediate needs and future needs.

Accidents on the work site come in many forms. As an experienced Philadelphia construction accident lawyer, we have worked with victims that have:

  • Fallen from heights
  • Crushed by equipment or machinery
  • Struck by heavy objects
  • Strained or over exerted themselves
  • Electrocuted
  • And more

As you can see, these types of injuries can levy lifelong consequences. Many of these injuries can keep victims off the job, inhibiting their ability to provide for their families. With the help of a Philadelphia construction accident attorney, you don’t have to settle for a traditional workers’ compensation settlement. You can pursue further compensation with our help.

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Consult with an experienced, knowledgeable and reputable Philadelphia construction accident lawyer. Start your journey to justice by filling out the online form found here on our website. This information about both yourself and your accident will be provided to a legal professional, who will get back to you quickly to collect further information. Don’t accept low-ball settlements — secure the compensation that you deserve with the right legal professional in your corner.

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