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Don’t dread the property division phase of a divorce — enlist the help of an experienced San Jose marital asset division attorney to ensure that assets are divided up equitably between divorcing spouses.

A San Jose marital asset division lawyer is a must in these situations. While, in a perfect world, a couple’s assets can be divided up equally, that is never how it plays out in real life. You need to protect the things you worked so hard for by teaming with a skilled San Jose asset division attorney.


All assets must be considered

The true mark of a great marital asset division attorney in San Jose CA is one that will take on the painstaking process of accounting for all assets involved in a divorce. This is everything from bank accounts, insurance policies, retirement accounts, collectibles, heirlooms, homes, automobiles, stake in a business, debt and more.

A marital asset division lawyer in San Jose CA must also be aware of any preexisting agreements, such as a prenuptial agreement. These assets are considered either individual property or marital property, which determines how they are divided.


We handle high net worth divorces

As you can imagine, the more assets that a couple has, the more complicated the process is. That’s why we have a San Jose marital asset division attorney staff that is skilled at unraveling even the most complex of cases.

You can trust your San Jose marital asset division lawyer to have your best interests at heart. Based on the information you provide to them, they will work to protect your legacy and make sure you are being treated fairly.

Bring efficiency and fairness to the property division phase with an asset division attorney in San Jose CA. We have a network of highly skilled attorneys to choose from.

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