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Dividing marital assets can often be a contentious issue between a couple. This is because most people do not always know how best to end up with a fair share of the assets during a divorce. If this is the case, you would benefit from an Orlando marital asset division attorney to guide you through the process. Your marital asset division lawyer Orlando FL will advocate for an equitable share. This does not mean sharing in a 50/50 split but rather based on several factors.

How Assets Can Be Divided in Florida

As suggested earlier, you do not always have to share 50/50 in marital assets. There are several factors that an Orlando marital asset division lawyer and the judge will consider. Here is the list.

  • The marriage length
  • The contributions of each spouse to acquiring the assets
  • The debts of each spouse
  • Child support
  • Health, age, educational training of the spouses
  • Who remains in the marital home, and much more

Your Orlando asset division attorney will prepare a strong case to ensure that you do not get a raw deal when the assets are divided. An Orlando marital asset division lawyer is more than an excellent negotiator, they know the law.

Other Forms of Agreements

In some cases, an Orlando marital asset division attorney will also have to consider other forms of agreements between the couple. They include prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Such agreements guide the marital asset division attorney Orlando Fl in preparing for a case to ensure the demands are in line with such agreements.

Get an Equitable Share of the Assets

When it comes to dividing assets, it does not have to be an arduous chore. Get yourself a competent asset division attorney Orlando FL to end up with the best deal. With any of our Orlando marital asset division attorneys, you can be assured of a good outcome. We take a personalized approach towards each case as every client has different needs. Contact us today.

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