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Are you searching for an Ogden marital asset division attorney? Property division is one of the things to consider if you had, or thinking of, a divorce. Enlisting the help of a marital asset division lawyer in Ogden UT can help ensure you’ll receive a fair ruling from the court.

An Ogden marital asset division attorney has a thorough understanding of the laws in Utah. Utah law requires equitable division of marital property, which doesn’t necessarily mean a 50/50 split. Long-term marriages (10 years or longer) may end up as a 50/50 split (more or less). For short-term marriages (less than 10 years), the court may decide to restore each spouse to their economic standing before the marriage.

The court will consider the contribution of each spouse to the acquired marital property/assets, length of the marriage, and each spouse’s future needs. If you have questions, consult your Ogden marital asset division lawyer. 

Division of real property and personal property

Real property includes house or land purchased during the marriage, even if only one spouse’s name is on the deed/title. Real property can be sold and the proceeds to be divided fairly between each spouse. If one spouse wants to keep the property, he/she may buy out the other by paying the amount that would’ve been received from a sale. An Ogden asset division attorney can help you with this matter. 

Like real property, personal property can be considered marital assets regardless of whose name is on the title. Personal property includes items acquired during the marriage, such as cars, furniture, jewelry, etc. 

Any amount paid into a retirement/pension plan is also considered marital property. To ensure everything will be ironed out properly, consult an asset division attorney in Ogden UT.

How to find an Ogden marital asset division lawyer

Marital asset division can be a complicated process. An Ogden marital asset division attorney can help ensure that you’ll receive a favorable ruling. To find a marital asset division attorney in Ogden UT, contact us today.

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