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Various circumstances can lead to a couple separating. Whenever this happens, the couple will be looking to split their marital assets. The use of a Lakeland marital asset division attorney is vital if the process is to go smoothly and you are to get a fair share of your assets. A competent marital asset division lawyer Lakeland FL will advise the client on the best approach to get equitable or realistic asset division.

What is Marital Asset

A judge must consider the marital assets and debts when coming up with the division rule. Marital assets are those that were acquired by either spouse during their time in marriage. Disclose your assets to your Lakeland asset division attorney so there are no surprises that come up when the judge makes the final ruling on the sharing of properties.

What Factors Can Affect Division of Assets

A Lakeland marital asset division attorney is crucial because sometimes you are not sure what will determine how your assets are divided. With a good Lakeland marital asset division lawyer, you can now understand better the law on the division of assets. Below are some of the factors that have to be considered:

  • Each spouse’s contribution in acquiring the assets. Your marital asset division attorney Lakeland FL must prove your contribution in court, so make sure to be open about it all.
  • The court also looks at the properties which were inherited or gifts before and during the marriage. Always disclose such property information to your asset division attorney Lakeland FL.
  • The economic status of each spouse at the time of divorce also matters. The court will consider who will remain in the marital home or if it is to be sold.
  • The earning capacity of each spouse is another consideration for the court.
  • The judge also looks at the conduct of either party during the marriage concerning the disposition of their assets. A Lakeland marital asset division lawyer is vital for complete representation of your case.

Competent Lawyer Equals Better Results

With our skilled lawyers, you will be well represented, and your results will be great when you hire a Lakeland marital asset division attorney from our firm. We boast high success rates, so let us help you get an equitable share of the marital assets.

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