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Whenever you get a divorced from your spouse, what follows next is how you will divide the property. Making sure the division is fair is why you need a Fort Collins marital asset division attorney to help you understand the process. A competent Fort Collins marital asset division lawyer will explain to you the different options you have before making up your mind.

Types of Assets to Share

Remember, not all the assets are sharable. There are two types of properties, which are separate property and marital property.

Separate Property is what you get to keep. Working with a Fort Collins marital asset division attorney will help you understand what assets are separate property. These are normally assets and debts that either party had acquired before the marriage. Also, they are assets acquired as inheritance.

Marital Property, on the other hand, is all the assets you acquired during the marriage. Any Fort Collins marital asset division lawyer will advocate for equitable division of such properties. As much as a Fort Collins asset division attorney can say equitable, it does not mean sharing 50-50. The court will have to look at what is fair under the circumstances.

A marital asset division attorney Fort Collins CO will go through the list of properties and recommend what will be fair to the client. With years of experience, our attorneys can help you realize an equitable way of sharing assets.

Talk to Us First Before Making Up Your Mind

It might get messy quickly if you do not involve a marital asset division lawyer Fort Collins CO. The other party might try to get an inequitable share of the property so an asset division attorney for your protection is best. Talk to us for guidance. We will assign you a personal Fort Collins marital asset division attorney to adequately provide legal advice and minimize financial loss.


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