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During divorce proceedings, a focal point will be the division of assets. These are the assets that the couple has acquired during their marriage. A Denver marital asset division attorney will give you an idea of how the process works and a realistic division of the assets. Determining how to share property after a divorce can become complicated and messy. At this point, you will need a marital asset division attorney Denver CO to navigate the legal world and help you get your fair share.

If you need the best Denver asset division attorney, we are here and ready to help you through the process. Protecting your interests is our top priority.

How Will the Court Divide Marital Assets?

Any asset division attorney Denver CO who has worked in the state of Colorado knows that property division is based on equitable distribution. It does not mean that you will have an equal share of the property, but it will be a fair distribution.

A Denver marital asset division lawyer will help you understand what the court considers when coming up with a decision. Such factors can be as follows;

  • Each spouse’s contribution to the marital property
  • Each spouse’s financial situation at the time
  • The property value
  • The increase and decrease of property value during marriage and much more.

Assets Subject to Division

Always reveal as much detail as possible to a Denver marital asset division attorney if you want the best results. The Denver marital asset division lawyer will highlight all the properties subject to the division after getting all the information. Assets that can be included are retirement accounts, business interests, real estate, and commercial property, among others.

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