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Not all marriages end in happily ever after, hence one day we might need the expertise of a Clearwater marital asset division attorney. Let us face it – after child custody, division of assets is often the most contentious part of family law.

It is extremely important to have a Clearwater marital asset division lawyer by your side to guide you through the whole process. Our Clearwater asset division attorney has years of experience to help you navigate your case.

We can help you divide complex assets, including:

  • Businesses

Marital asset division lawyer Clearwater FL will take all family-owned businesses into account during the legal process. How much is the business worth and who will continue to run it?

  • Multiple real estate properties

This includes vacation homes and other properties and will be valued and divided fairly.

  • Pension plans

Retirement or pension funds that are acquired during the marriage are subject to equitable distribution.

  • Stock options

Just like pension plans, stock options are included in the division of assets provided during the marriage. 

Our Clearwater marital asset division attorney will explain each category in detail. We work with legal professionals as well as highly qualified financial experts, accountants, pension experts to ensure that all family assets are accounted for.

Our marital asset division attorney Clearwater FL have the highest standard of knowledge and experience. We are intimately familiar with complex asset division settlement.

Florida follows the equitable distribution of assets and debts between the parties. This could get complicated, which is why our Clearwater marital asset division lawyer is here to ensure that the outcome would be favorable to you.

Don’t risk going through an expensive, depressing asset division case and not get what you deserve. Our asset division attorney Clearwater FL has great attention to detail, will answer all your concerns, and ensure that the result will be fair.

Speak with our Clearwater marital asset division attorney today. We are ready to help you!

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