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Having a Boulder marital asset division attorney you can trust is crucial when going through divorce and division of marital property. 

Marital estate has a broad definition. Generally, the court will divide the assets and debts equally to both spouses. However, during the process, you might find it difficult to figure out which property belongs to who. 

Our Boulder marital asset division lawyer will explain the different types of properties including those that were acquired:

  • As a gift or inheritance

Some examples of this type of property include life insurance from parents or grandparents, jewelry passed down from one generation to the next, and family houses.

  • Before the marriage

Properties bought before the marriage become an issue during the division of assets. An example of this is a house that one spouse already owned before the marriage. What will happen to this property? Our marital asset division lawyer Boulder CO will enlighten you on how pre-marital properties are handled in court.

  • By both spouses

This type of property is commonly acquired by both spouses. Some examples of this include rent, utilities, or any property that has their names on it.

Any properties that one spouse has a contingent interest or business interests are also subject to review. 

In most cases, spouses have joint property ownership. Thus, they share joint expenses such as mortgages, childcare, food, utility, and vacations. Our Boulder asset division attorney will help file and document the process, as well as represent you when property division becomes an issue.

Arriving at an agreement without the intervention of a Boulder marital asset division attorney is ideal until you and your former spouse disagree on the division. Our marital asset division attorney Boulder CO knows how difficult it is for anyone to part ways with cherished objects, which is why we will make sure to protect your rights.

Boulder marital asset division lawyer works not just to give legal advice but also to ensure the accuracy of information. Our asset division attorney Boulder CO will explain all your options and their applicability to your circumstances.

Our Boulder marital asset division attorney will make compelling arguments for your benefit. We will fight to protect and keep the properties that rightfully belongs to you. Contact us today and let us schedule a meeting!

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