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If you suspect the needs of a child are not being met and would like to take action, talk to a San Francisco legal guardianship attorney. These legal professionals can help bring the issue to the court’s attention, who will check in on the welfare of the child.

If the needs of the child are not being met, and you would like to become the legal guardian, a San Francisco legal guardianship lawyer will help you with:

  • Filing all the necessary paperwork
  • Preparing for, and completing, all interviews
  • Preparing for home and other visits
  • Adopting a legally binding agreement

Taking guardianship over a child also tasks you with a whole new set of responsibilities — you essentially become the parent for that child. Your legal guardianship attorney in San Francisco CA can explain to you everything you need to know to have full confidence in your ability to serve in this capacity.


When is a parent deemed unfit to care for their child?

As an experienced San Francisco legal guardianship attorney, we know that there are many scenarios in which a child does not receive the necessary care from their parents and, thus, needs a different guardian to watch over them.

This can includes instances where a parent is incarcerated or grappling with a substance abuse addiction. Perhaps the parent does not have the financial means to support all of the child’s needs. A San Francisco legal guardianship lawyer can take action on your behalf to serve the best interests of the child.


Seek the advice of a legal guardianship lawyer in San Francisco CA

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