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ogether with a San Antonio legal guardianship attorney, you can petition for the guardianship rights to a child under the age of 18. As a legal guardian, you will be responsible for the child just like a biological parent would be.

That means, you have to be ready to provide for all of his or her needs, which include:

  • Basic necessities (food, shelter, clothing)
  • Health care
  • Education
  • And more

With the help of a qualified San Antonio legal guardianship lawyer, you can minimize the legal hurdles that you encounter during this process. With savvy legal support in your corner, you can focus on what is most important in this scenario — providing quality care and love for the child.


Are you looking to become the legal guardian for a minor?

A legal guardianship attorney in San Antonio TX can help walk you through the process. This generally begins by petitioning for guardianship. This is paperwork that you will want to fill out under the advisement of your San Antonio legal guardianship attorney.

From there, a series of interviews are usually set up, along with background checks and home inspections to make sure that you are capable of caring for a child. As the potential guardian, you will often meet and speak with individuals that have an interest in the child’s life. A San Antonio legal guardianship lawyer can map out these series of interviews to help you prepare.


Consult with a legal guardianship lawyer in San Antonio TX

Make sure you approach this process prepared and with a knowledge of what’s to come. Start by consulting with an experienced and qualified San Antonio legal guardianship attorney. You can do that by filling out our online form with your personal information and submitting it securely to our team. A legal professional will reach out to you and see how they can help.

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