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Legal guardianship is when the court grants authority to a non-parent adult to take care and have custody of a child or children. If you have a need to become a legal guardian, you can trust a Denver legal guardianship attorney to help in navigating the complex legal world so that you and the child are well-protected under the law. We have an experienced legal guardianship attorney in Denver CO, making sure that you have the right representation throughout your case.

Reasons for Requesting Legal Guardianship

You cannot just apply for legal guardianship because that is what you want. Our Denver legal guardianship lawyer will tell you these are some of the conditions that can lead to a guardianship case;

  • If the child is in danger in the current home. It might be because the adult is abusing the child.
  • The parent seems to be neglecting the child and fails to provide basic needs such as food.
  • The parent is on drugs and alcohol and failing to take care of the child
  • The parent is sent away to prison for a period

A qualified Denver legal guardianship attorney can go over many other reasons that can qualify for applying for legal guardianship in Denver.

What to Expect with Legal Guardianship?

Your Denver legal guardianship lawyer will explain some of the responsibilities that come with legal guardianship. This is important so that you do not get surprised later on when you have custody of the child.

Once our legal guardianship lawyer in Denver CO helps you get custody, you will be responsible for the basic needs of the child. This means you have to provide food, clothing, and shelter for the child. You will also provide education and proper medical care for the child.

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If you want to get guardianship of any child, talk to our professional Denver legal guardianship attorney to understand your chances of obtaining legal guardianship. Remember that the court will not just allow anyone to have legal custody of a child. By filling out our online form you can get your questions and concerns addressed today.

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