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A compassionate, experienced Austin legal guardianship attorney is a key ally to have when you are petitioning to take on guardianship of a child. Children deserve a stable and safe environment. When parents are not able to offer this, children then need an individual that can serve as a suitable legal guardian.

With the help of an Austin legal guardianship lawyer, you can embark on this journey to provide a child with the environment that they need to grow and thrive. Our team will not only help you make the appropriate legal moves, but also prepare you to take on the obligations associated with becoming a legal guardian.

An experienced legal guardianship attorney in Austin TX

We know that, throughout this process, you will have a lot on your mind. It’s natural to feel a little nervous about the prospect of caring for another individual. That’s why our team works hard to remove legal barriers and make the process as efficient as possible.

There a variety of situations where parents can no longer serve as suitable guardians for their children. As an experienced Austin legal guardianship attorney, we have witnessed parents that were forced to relinquish their duties because they:

  • Struggled with substance abuse and addiction
  • Were incarcerated
  • Suffered from mental illness
  • Were not able to provide necessary care for their children
  • And more

The thing to remember when you work with your Austin legal guardianship lawyer is that the needs of the child are the top priority. The goal is to place a child in an environment where their needs are being met and they feel safe, comfortable and happy.

Are you concerned about a child or loved one?

Talk to a legal guardianship lawyer in Austin TX if you fear that the needs of a child are not being sufficiently met. We can walk you through your options and provide help along the way.

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