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Be prepared for all different types of family law conflicts by working with experienced and knowledgeable San Jose family law attorneys. We provide access to these helpful professionals, who will provide supreme legal insight and guidance through the many types of family law scenarios.

The following are just a few of the practice areas that our San Jose family law lawyers specialize in:

  • Divorce: Our family law attorneys in San Jose CA are capable of unraveling even the most complex of divorce cases. We handle high net worth divorces, ensuring that all assets are accounted for.
  • Child custody and support: You can team up with our family law lawyers in San Jose CA to establish, enforce and modify plans for child support payments and child custody.
  • Adoption and legal guardianship: Whether you are looking to adopt a child or assume the role of legal guardian, our San Jose family law attorneys can prepare you for, and walk you through, the process.
  • Domestic violence: Don’t allow yourself to linger in a dangerous situation. Consult one of our San Jose family law lawyers and take action to ensure your safety.

We have dedicated attorneys that are ready to take on any family law conflicts that might arise. We bring a level head to these emotionally charged situations and help you make decisions that are best for you, your children and your family.


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Don’t try to take on these complicated legal proceedings on your own. Get the knowledge and experience that comes with our San Jose family law attorneys. We are now offering free consultations — submit some general information about your case through our online form and a member of our team will talk to you more about it.

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