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Whether you are trying to get guardianship of a minor who is not your own child or need to file a domestic abuse lawsuit against your spouse, our Boulder family law attorneys can provide compassionate guidance.

We know that legal action against a family member or loved one can be overwhelming. Our Boulder family law lawyers are dedicated to helping you understand the circumstances of your case and explore your options.

Focus on results

Our family law attorneys in Boulder CO will work with you to come up with the best plan to achieve the outcome you desire. With our understanding of the law and your situation, we guarantee we will direct you to the right steps to get the results you want.

Family law matters are often stressful. It may also bring emotional trauma to the children involved. We acknowledge the life-changing effect of getting a divorce or being served with a restraining order prohibiting one parent in seeing his or her child. Our Boulder family law attorneys have a simple goal and that is to find the best solution to your family problem.

In addition, our Boulder family law lawyers offer:

  • Breath of experience related to family issues
  • A team of diligent and knowledgeable lawyers and paralegals
  • Competitive rates

The decades of experience representing clients with family law-related cases helped improve the skills of our family law lawyers in Boulder CO. We believe that no two clients have the same problem and solution. Therefore, we carefully review each case and make appropriate advice.

Get in touch with our Boulder family law attorneys. With so much at stake, it is critical that we discuss your case and figure out the complex issues right away. We invite you to contact us today and receive trusted advice from our legal professionals!

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