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Searching around for a Seattle family law firm to take on your legal matters is one of the most important decisions you can make. Family law conflicts generally come with high stakes. Whether you are facing divorce or a fierce child custody battle, we invite you to consult with our family law firm in Seattle WA.

We want to provide you with the expertise needed for these legal situations. We have attorneys that specialize in every aspect of family law — from divorce, child support, alimony and guardianship to adoption and domestic violence.


Benefits of working with our family law firm in Seattle

With our Seattle family law firm, you receive the benefit of:

  • Experienced staff: Our network of attorneys combine for decades in this industry, faithfully working for men, women and families that are in situations not unlike your current situation.
  • Focused on your goals: Each client defines the concept of success a little differently during their family law conflict. Our family law firm in Seattle WA first learns about what you want to accomplish and then we go to work to maximize your chance at a favorable outcome.
  • Responsive to your needs: Few things are more frustrating for clients that when they have questions or concerns about their legal proceedings, but they cannot get ahold of their attorney. We pledge to be responsive to your needs and accessible when you need us.

Make sure you have competent legal support in your corner when you take on family law conflicts. You could be risking important things like time spent with your children or even the assets you worked so hard to accumulate over the course of your life.

Put our Seattle family law firm to work for you. Contact our team and tell us about the situation you are facing. We make it easy to schedule a free consultation via our online form. Fill it out and get started.

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