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How do you know when you have found the right Indianapolis family law firm? Many of our clients have never worked with an attorney before, and they may not know the desirable attributes in a divorce or family law professional.

You do not always want the “bulldog” attorney who is focused on extensive (and expensive) litigation. Instead, consider choosing a family law firm in Indianapolis IN that is dedicated to minimizing the impact of your legal proceedings.

What are some desirable traits in an Indianapolis family law firm?

Skill and experience are some of the first attributes that you should examine at your family law firm in Indianapolis IN. Do your potential team members have years of experience, or are they relatively new on the job? You want an attorney who will represent you passionately, but also someone who knows the ropes in Indiana and can help you navigate the complicated legal waters.

Furthermore, your choice in a family law firm in Indianapolis should consider:

  • Availability: How much time your attorney can dedicate to your case
  • Communication: Your lawyer’s reputation for clarity when it comes to communicating with the courts and other litigants
  • Support: The attorney should have backup and additional team members who specialize to meet your specific needs
  • Reactions: Your lawyer should be cool under pressure and maintain professionalism

In addition, you should feel comfortable with your Indianapolis family law firm representative; in other words, your personalities should mesh. Our team of legal professionals offers a diverse array of services with a significant amount of experience to help you achieve your goals in the courtroom. Whether you are preparing for a divorce, adopting a new member of your family, seeking legal guardianship of an elder, or considering action because of domestic violence, we can help you through the proceedings. Tell us about your needs and you can consult directly with an attorney that can help.

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