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Our Boulder family law firm is known in the community as being a firm composed of attorneys who specialize in complex family law. We are your go-to when it comes to family law issues.

Family law can have a major impact on your life and the lives of your children. Going to a family law firm in Boulder CO and acquiring the legal assistance of professionals who truly understand your goals will save you a lot of money, effort, and emotional struggle. 

Our Boulder family law firm deals with issues between family members day in and day out. We have managed legal problems and provided the highest legal representation to our clients.

We know how stressful and personal family law problems are. These types of issues are not always easy to resolve.

Here are some things we can do for you.

  • Handle divorce issues

Emotion may get in the way; we can act as a mediator or take your disagreements to court.

  • Deal with estate and wills

We can help in drafting your last will and testament. We can talk and discuss how you want your assets to be distributed as well as who will inherit what.

  • Recommend and draft agreements regarding child custody, child support, and alimony

Aside from planning for the division of your properties, we can also draft a plan for your children in the event of divorce or death.

  • Take care of prenuptial agreements

Our lawyers can also navigate through issues regarding your prenuptial agreement. We will review the agreement and provide you with the legal steps you must execute.

  • Represent you in a court in case mediation or settlement fails

Our team of legal professionals is highly trained and capable of representing clients in court proceedings.

We cannot overemphasize how much our family law firm in Boulder CO can help you handle family disputes. Our family law firm Boulder focuses exclusively on family law.

Do not hesitate to contact our Boulder family law firm. We are a team of legal professionals who are eager to resolve your family issues. We will ensure that justice is served accordingly.

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