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Families that are undergoing a crisis, such as divorce, will be dealing with child custody sooner or later, which is why you need to have a Provo child custody lawyer right by your side. Parents who are going their separate ways are concerned with who will get child custody, and if there is no term reached between the two on their own, having a Provo child custody attorney iron out the details can smoothen things out.

Different Types of Child Custody

There are two types of child custody and these are legal custody and then there is physical custody. Legal custody is where the parent will be given the right to make decisions on the child’s behalf from education, to medical care, to religion. Most of the time, this becomes joint legal custody wherein both parents have a say on their child’s future.

Physical custody refers to where the child will be sleeping. Joint physical custody is possible where the child will be spending at least 111 nights a year with each of his or her parent. Sole physical custody, on the other hand, gives the parent the primary role of caregiver, and this parent’s home will be where they child will be staying. If you need more help with understanding child custody laws in Provo, our Provo child custody lawyer will be more than happy to help you out.

Hire an Expert Child Custody Lawyer in Provo UT

Our Provo child custody attorney understands that going through a divorce is not an easy thing to experience, especially when it involves child custody. With our child custody attorney in Provo UT at your side, we will make sure that your rights as a parent will be taken into consideration during the process.

Letting our Provo child custody lawyer take the reins for you through this difficult task can help you focus on the more important aspects of your family. Rest assured that we will represent your interests to the best of our abilities.

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