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With the right San Diego DUI attorneys in your corner, you will be able to minimize the impact of your situation. This type of driving violation can come with hefty punishment — from losing your license to spending time behind bars.

Our San Diego DWI attorneys will walk with you throughout the process to help you make the decisions that will best meet your needs and situation.


San Diego DUI lawyers that care

Our San Diego DWI lawyers have your best interests at heart. We have seen firsthand many lives disrupted or ruined by drunk driving offenses. The punishment that comes with this type of crime can have professional, financial and social ramifications.

Our DUI attorneys in San Diego CA want to make sure you remain calm and have the peace of mind knowing that qualified legal professionals are helping you. Our DUI lawyers in San Diego CA know that you are probably feeling:

  • Scared: You may not know if you will lose your driver’s license or even your freedom. Our San Diego DUI attorneys will help to protect both.
  • Confused: Our San Diego DWI attorneys know that most clients don’t know much or anything about the criminal justice system. That’s why our DWI attorneys in San Diego CA will work closely to, not just help you make the right decisions, but explain the rationale behind each decision.
  • Angry: Maybe you were treated unfairly and are not happy about it. Our DWI lawyers in San Diego CA will examine the details surrounding your case to make sure that the authorities did not violate your legal rights in any way.

Whatever you might be feeling, our team will help put you at ease during this uncertain time. If you are facing a drunk driving offense, please contact our San Diego DUI attorneys as soon as possible. We make it easy by allowing potential clients with the chance to fill out our online form with information about their situation.

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