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Consulting our Pittsburgh DUI attorneys when you have been stopped because you were driving under the influence is the best thing to do. The laws governing driving under the influence is extensive and trying to navigate it on your own is not a good idea. After all, not all DUI cases end with a conviction. If you have been stopped because of a DUI, approaching our DUI and Pittsburgh DWI attorneys can help get you the answers you are looking for on whether you will be facing jail time, what fines to pay, and so on. Letting our Pittsburgh DUI lawyers take the reins ofn your case can help you get a lower penalty depending on the situation.

Possible Penalties You Can Face in a DUI Charge

If you have been charged with DUI, there are several possible penalties that may arise. Talking to our Pittsburgh DUI attorneys can help you understand the different problems that you may face. Among these include:

  • You will be required to spend a certain amount of time in jail.
  • You will need to pay a high fee for your DUI charge.
  • You may be found guilty or plead guilty to a DUI or DWI charge that you could have beaten with the help of our DUI attorneys in Pittsburgh PA.
  • Your license may be suspended for several months.

Discussing your current situation with our Pittsburgh DWI attorneys and DUI attorneys may help you get an idea on what you will be facing and whether there is a way to reduce possible penalties. Our DUI lawyers in Pittsburgh PA know the laws extensively which is why are equipped to fight for you and your case.

Choose Our Pittsburgh DWI Lawyers Today

Discussing your case with our DWI attorneys in Pittsburgh PA can help ease your worries. Our DWI lawyers in Pittsburgh PA know that no two DUI or DWI cases are the same, that is why we will make sure that we review everything before making any plans on how to approach your DUI or DWI charges. Call our Pittsburgh DUI attorneys today!

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