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You have probably seen the advertisements for local Philadelphia DUI attorneys – but are the lawyers who are up on the billboards really the right answer for your case? At our firm, our Philadelphia DWI attorneys may not be flashy, but they get the job done.

Competence is the key element to winning a drunk driving case, and our Philadelphia DUI lawyers live up to their reputation. Do not leave your future up to chance by seeking assistance from a cut-rate attorney. Instead, trust our team of experienced Philadelphia DWI lawyers to get the job done right and provide you with the best representation for your individual case.


Why Philadelphia DUI attorneys are so important

For many defendants, the sticker-shock that comes along with court fees and fines can be overwhelming, so they simply accept a guilty verdict and hope for the best. We say that is not the best approach to drunk driving case.

You may not know that about one in 10 field sobriety tests yields an inaccurate result, for instance; with the help of our Philadelphia DWI attorneys, you can determine whether your case falls into that category. DUI attorneys in Philadelphia PA can also identify procedural missteps in your case, including illegal search and seizure or inappropriate use of equipment.

So, what happens if you do not seek the help of DUI lawyers in Philadelphia PA? You could face consequences that may impact your career, social life and family, including:

  • Revocation of your driver’s license
  • Difficulties with employment after conviction
  • Higher auto insurance rates
  • Damaged personal relationships
  • Inability to receive scholarships
  • And many more


Consult with some of the leading DWI attorneys in Philadelphia PA

Instead of just accepting these consequences, fight back with the help of DUI attorneys in Philadelphia PA. Your DWI lawyers in Philadelphia PA are trusted advisers with your best interests in mind, and they know the law inside and out. Our team of Philadelphia DUI attorneys is standing by to assist – contact us today to learn more about your options and rights.

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